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Rooftop support Systems


MAPA Limited Lifetime Warranty:

Mapa Limited Lifetime Warranty--When installed in accordance with MAPA installation and maintenance specifications and using only MAPA materials, MAPA warrants its support bases and assemblies to be free from defect and will repair or replace product at MAPA's discretion. Rusting that is not detrimental to the integrity of the support is not warranted. Damage caused by incorrect installation, improper usage or improper maintenance is not warranted. Recovery rights shall be limited to the total sum of the amounts paid for the product by the purchaser.

Other Conditions of the Warranty

ISIMET/MAPA provides no insurance against and shall not be liable for any damage found to be the consequence of the following:


ISIMET/MAPA liability shall be limited to costs of repair or replacement parts. Supports are not intended for usage other than those expressly described in product catalog. ISIMET/MAPA does not perform engineering design and shall not be liable for damage or injury caused by the improper use or installation of the product.

A copy of this document should be maintained at all times at the location of the warranted systems.