Structurally Attached Supports for Seismic & High Wind Applications
Roof penetration support systems for all types of MEP applications
Master Base Supports: Used with larger trapeze style applications.
  Max.Load Receiver Flange Adjustable Range         Accessories
MB-146C-SA  500 1-5/8" Square Strut NA         NA
Roller Supports: Typically used to allow movement from thermal expansion.
  Max. Max. Adjustable         Accessories
  Load IPS Range         Pipe Strap
MX-5RA9-SA  140 5 5"-12"         MPS-17
MX-8RA9-SA  165 8 5"-12"         MPS-26
MX-10RA9-SA  250 10 5"-12"         MPS-32
Strut Supports: Structurally attached supports typically used for electrical conduit and refridgeration lines.
  Max. Strut Adjustable         Accessories
  Load Length Range         SNS Clamps
MX-14SA9-SA  250 14" 5"-12"         See Accy's
MX-18SA9-SA  250 18" 5"-12"        
Single Post Supports: Typically used for elevated clamps, bridging systems, restraining columns etc.
  Max. ATR Adjustable Fixed HeightATR Accessories
  Load Diameter Range 2" 4" 6" 8" SNS Clamps
MX-1.375  75 3/8 5"-? See Accy's
  Max. ATR Adjustable Support Base Accessories
  Load Diameter Range SNS Clamps
MX-1.500 75 1/2   4"x 6" Round See Accy's
MX-1.750 75 3/4  
Note: All models available with Deck Cap for raised curb applications.