Pedestal Disconnects
                Std. Opt. Nema  
Sq.D Eaton 30 60 100 240 600 (F)  (NF) Rating Standard
Opt. Opt. Amp VAC Fused Non Fused (Standard) X/Y
MPD-30:36/12           3R 36/12
MPD-30-2X:42/12           3R 42/12
MPD-30-2X-NF:42/12           3R 42/12
MPD-60-2X:48/12           3R 42/12
MPD-60-2X-NF:48/12           3R 42/12
MPD-100-2X:48/12           3R 48/12
MPD-100-2X-NF:48/12           3R 48/12
MPD-30-3Z:42/12           3R 42/12
MPD-30-3Z-NF:42/12           3R 42/12
MPD-60-3Z:48/12           3R 42/12
MPD-60-3Z-NF:48/12           3R 42/12
MPD-100-3Z:48/12           3R 48/12
MPD-100-3Z-NF:48/12           3R 48/12
MPX4:36/12 4" Square Utility Pedestal w/ Under Deck Flange  36/12
Combination Starters  
            Panel  Std. Opt. Nema  
Sq. D Eaton 30 60 240 Switch  (F)  (NF) Rating Standard
Std. Opt. Amp VAC (Y/N) Fused Non Fused (Std.) X/Y
MPSD-30-R:52/12     N   3R 52/12
MPSD-30-R-NF:52/12     N   3R 52/12
MPSD-60-R:52/12     N   3R 52/12
MPSD-60-R-NF:52/12     N   3R 52/12
MPSD-30-R-S:52/12     Y   3R 52/12
MPSD-30-R-S-NF:52/12     Y   3R 52/12
MPSD-60-R-S:52/12     Y   3R 52/12
MPSD-60-R-S-NF:52/12         Y   3R 52/12
Two Speed Starters                    
              Std. Opt. Nema  
Sq. D Eaton 30 60 240 Panel  (F)  (NF) Rating Standard
Std. Opt. Amp VAC Switch  Fused Non Fused (Std.) X/Y
MPSD2-30-R-S:52/12     Y NA 3R 52/12
MPSD2-60-R-S:66/12     Y NA 3R 52/12
Note: All fused MAPA Safety Switches are provided with fuse holders, fuses are field provided.
Other pedestal configurations are available to meet specific design criteria. Pedestals are custom fabricated for specific project requirements.